Perfect Properties

Project brief

Perfect Properties is a mobile responsive website created and designed for the modern individual that is looking to invest in Real Estate easily.

The UI is designed for users that want to quickly browse properties, find basic information and can invest, hassle free.

Based on the user Personas for the project, the users are optimistic, educated and tech savvy. With a mobile responsive design, Perfect Properties can be used on the go for all users.


Careerfoundry Project


UI Design


3 weeks

the ui design process

Research & low-fidelity wireframes

I researched other real estate investment applications to gather a swot analysis and begin the design of Perfect Properties. Using Sketch, I created low-fidelity wireframes and setup the basic information architecture for the mobile responsive site.

Mood Board & Color

One of the challenges I faced was, finding a color scheme that matched with theme of Perfect Properties. I wanted an accessible color scheme which invokes trust, affordability and optimism. I wanted this app to attract a user that is interested in real estate investment, but doesn’t know where to begin.

Through  deeper research I found the typical user that has interest in real estate investments would be someone that already has a business mindset.

Blue for trustworthy and accessible, green for affordability and bright orange for the optimistic user.

Responsive design

After I completed the mobile wireframes, I began the task of adapting them to tablet and desktop sizes for a mobile responsive UI across all platforms (desktop, mobile and tablet)

website prototyping, UX UI Designer Tamara Stampone video

Prototype & Mockup

Once the landing page design was completed and ready for all three platforms, I created a prototype using InVision and mockup designs using Photoshop to showcase Perfect Properties.

Perfect Properties

Final thoughts

Perfect Properties was project for a UI Design course. I only learned the basics of User Interaction design for this project. In my eyes, Perfect Properties wasn’t meant to have many interactions that are outside of the usual (swipe, touch, pinch to zoom and fade-in animations) to be functional. However, I realized that user interaction design is a huge parts of user experience design and together those two aspects work together to create user friendly results. 

UI / UX Mobile Responsive website

project goal

Lets collaborate and translate user needs, existing design systems, and requirements into successful solutions