Cook for Me - Case Study

The Problem
we hope to solve:


November 2019 - January 2020


Voice Interface Design

tools used

Alexa Developer Console

Voice Project Brief: COOK FOR ME

The goal was to design and deploy an Alexa skill that would allow users to browse several “quick and easy” 5 minute recipes, then select one and have Alexa assist with the meal preparation.

System & User Persona

Cook for Me - User Persona

User Stories Overview

With our user persona being a young, tech savvy, college student.

 I created four scenarios for our user Samantha.  They assume when, and how our potential user would use the Amazon Alexa skill to assist with meal prep. 

User Flow

In a perfect world, this is how a user would flow through the Cook for Me, Alexa skill without trouble.

User Flow Chart(s)

I particularly enjoy creating user flows because I get to empathize with the user. 

I like having the ability to see things from their point of view and get a different perspective.

Overview: Choose Meal Intent

For the Choose Meal intent, the user (Samantha in this case) would ideally say “Alexa, Cook for me” as she opens her fridge on a Tuesday morning. 


Alexa would suggest a new recipe for our user and suggest a few simple options – using ingredients most have available, such as eggs and cheese.


In this scenario, our user does not like or have the suggest ingredient needed; feta cheese. Luckily Alexa is ahead of the user, and provided an easy substitution – another cheese which the user is happy about. 


The user would then start prepping her breakfast as Alexa is reading out the recipe and giving a step by step guide for our user. 

My final thoughts

When I was designing the Alexa skill, I really wanted to create something that stood apart from other recipe apps. 

When creating the system persona; Amy, I envisioned her as a step up from Alexa.  

After researching other recipe skills, I realized something – most of the ingredients they suggest aren’t things that I have in my own fridge. Therefore I really wanted a feature that would allow a user to tell the voice application that they have “these 3 ingredients” and Alexa (or Amy ) would then suggest based on those items. Similar to how a user would or could Google “what can I make with broccoli, cheese and noodles”

One thing I did find difficult when creating Cook for Me was user retention. Our minds cannot remember as much as we see. In order to make this skill really work, we would have to create very short and straight to the point intents and responses. 

This was just as difficult as thinking of quick meals to add to the Amazon Developer Console for the program to work during testing with users. 

I throughly enjoyed creating this project as it opened my eyes to Voice interaction design – which is a lot harder than most think. I hope to pursue other projects in voice interface design in the near future.

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